Rebate Reminders
Please continue to help MWE through these rebate programs:

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Clip Box Tops from your favorite products. Send unexpired box tops to school in an envelope or Ziploc bag anytime throughout the school year. This year we will also have Box Top drives in October and February and the top class for each drive will earn a popsicle party.

In addition you can enroll at for additional Box Tops and Coupons.

If you shop at Kroger please register your Kroger Plus Card online at If you don’t have an account, create one and enter MWEs number (81657).

Every year you must RE-ENROLL!

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If you shop at Randalls fill out the Good Neighbor Program form and indicate MWE as your charity (1082). MWE earns 1% of your purchases. Return the form to the Courtesy Booth.

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For Amazon purchases go to

and login to your account. Select “Or pick your own charitable organization:, Type: Meadow Wood Elementary. Do NOT click on the “Select and Start Shopping” button – this will choose the charity that is up there at the time. Choose “PTA Texas Congress 5056 Meadow Wood Elementary – Houston TX”

Make all future purchases through

Help the environment and earn money for MWE PTA. Bring old cell phones and used printer ink cartridges to the bins in the MWE lobby during on fall and spring drives.

Do you get a lot of junk mail that you just that you just throw in the garbage? Well you can turn that garbage into money for MWE. Recycle your household paper including newspapers, junk mail, cereal boxes and other loose leaf paper. (just no corrugated cardboard)

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Josephine’s at 1127 Eldridge Pkwy #1008, Houston, TX 77077 will donate a portion of your services back to MWE PTA. So think about choosing them for your next haircut or spa appointment and remember to tell them you would like them to donate to MWE at checkout.

Wednesday, Oct 3 at 7:00 PM - 7:30 PM